Peter Hanson, Munster Simms Engineering Ltd

Turning up the heat on productive development

The KTP between Munster Simms Engineering Ltd and Queen’s University succeeded in establishing in house Electronics and Software capability within the company.  The company had been involved in Mechanical Engineering for many years but had outsourced all Electronic design – software and hardware so the aim was to set up a department that would play a key role in product development.

The KTP Associate was Peter Hanson. With a Mechanical Engineering degree from Queen’s and a Masters degree in Computer Science from Bristol, he was able to blend the two disciplines together to achieve the objectives of the KTP project.

Through Peter’s work and the input from the academic partners, the company was able to launch a new control board for a gas heater.  Previously, Munster Simms had focused on their gas products, but they didn’t own the IP for the software and hardware and the KTP addressed this situation.  The new heater was developed in-house by Peter and was the company’s biggest product launch in a decade.

Since finishing the KTP, Peter has taken up the position of Electronics and Software Manager in the company.  Peter says

KTP gives you a unique opportunity to have close interaction with people high up in the company. You get noticed that way and I valued being able to present to my and other directors. It’s been fast-paced since day one but that’s stimulating and exciting and it’s wonderful seeing products that you’ve put so much effort into going out to customers.

Richard Bovill was Peter’s company Supervisor.  He is also a former KTP Associate to developed his career within Munster Simms and is now their Engineering Director.  Richard says

One of the big things about KTP is that it develops future managers. It certainly helped me that way and now it’s helping Peter. The establishment of Peter’s department is a massive change. We’re moving in different times. A number of the projects which have come out of Peter’s involvement – we couldn’t have originated them eight years ago. It means we can bring products forward quicker, we can add more functionality and be in control of our own development.

If you think you’ve got the talent and ambition to become a KTP Associate why not look at our latest vacancies.   Click here to see more.

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