Hoda Beltagui, Quinn Building Products

We interviewed a few of latest recruits who can tell you something about their experiences so far.

Hoda has been a KTP Associate for the past six months at a Northern Ireland based company. She completed her MEng in Structural and Architectural Engineering at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. After her MEng she completed her PhD in Engineering at the University of Aberdeen.

Hoda is working for Quinn Building Products (http://www.quinn-buildingproducts.com/). Her project involves finding suitable applications for various waste material streams from the production process, this is very important for the company; both from an environmental and economic point of view.

I chose the KTP route as it allows me to use the skills and knowledge I gained during my PhD in an industry setting, whilst also keeping in touch with the academic world.

For me; the main benefit of the KTP is being able to carry out practical research which you can then see going directly into application and becoming a reality. Another benefit is that the KTP structure encourages and provides opportunities for personal professional development. Having both an industry supervisor and academic supervisor provides you with guidance and knowledge from different expertise and perspectives.

Hoda has only been with this Quinn Building Products for six months and she has gotten involved in projects which have a high impact for the company, as well as producing results for research output. She has also had the opportunity to work with people at various levels within the company which has given her a holistic view and understanding of various aspects within industry.

I would definitely recommend a KTP job to others; especially to recent graduates and PhDs, as it provides a smooth transition between academia and industry.

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