Gavin Fenton, Intelligent Environments

We interviewed a few of our latest recruits who can tell you something about their experiences so far.

Gavin Fenton is one of our most recent KTP recruits, he completed his MEng in Computer Science at Queen’s University Belfast. Gavin was looking for a job that focused on software development, machine learning and cyber security. After extensive research he came across a KTP job in Intelligent Environments, allowing him to put all his skills and interests to use.

Gavin is working for Intelligent Environments, an international provider of mobile and online solutions through their single software platform interact for financial service providers, such as; HSBC, Lloyds Banking Group, Toyota Financial Services and Vanquis.

Gavin is working on implementing machine learning (a type of artificial intelligence), in order to make the financial platform more resilient to attacks by modelling user behavior throughout the system and in doing so, detect hackers or other malicious users. The project will have a huge impact on the lives of people all over the world without them knowing as it will stop hackers from being able to steal their money or otherwise defraud them, a big concern as people place more and more trust in financial organisations. The project involves new ideas which require useful problem solving as it allows the associate to face new challenges willingly and without feeling like you’re out of your depth.

The major benefit is the focus on personal development, through both the time allowed for working on new skills and the resources given. There is no way I would have been able to develop my own skills and get the same level of experience in a generic graduate position. I have been able to get experience with cutting edge tools and technologies, had formal training in project management in a highly regarded management college and work on a truly meaningful project.

I have also put my budget to good use, signing up for a second degree part-time in Maths and Statistics which will allow me to improve my knowledge of machine learning, registering for professional conferences and paying for travel expenses and accommodation to visit my company’s headquarters in London.

Gavin has been working with Intelligence Environments for the last few months; gaining new skills and meeting targets. The work he has been doing is very interesting and he sees himself making a career out of it.

I would recommend the KTP program to anyone who wants to progress fast in their career as a KTP gives you the right level of challenge, responsibility, reward and room for personal development that you need to get ahead in any field.


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