Duy Bui, Autoline Insurance Ltd

Leading a Data Revolution

Duy worked on a KTP between Autoline Insurance Ltd and Queen’s University Belfast using data analysis techniques to give motor insurance underwriters a clear driver risk profile.  His project began at a time when the insurance industry was undergoing a lot of changes and in 2012 Autoline was the first company in Europe to launch a smartphone app to measure driving behaviour.

Duy has an undergraduate degree in computer science and a Masters in business analytics from UCD. He was searching for a job working with data, found this job on the internet and was appointed as the KTP Associate. During the project Duy learned a lot about the latest data analytic techniques and worked with his academic supervisors to identify new ways to apply them to the business.  Autoline really benefitted from having Duy on the team because was very comfortable working with large amounts of data and he was able to put it all together like a jigsaw. Duy looked at the reporting needs of all the departments, figuring out smarter ways to pull KPI’s from the system.  Duy says

It’s been a big learning curve for me. I’ve been learning on the job but I’ve also had a lot of support from my academic supervisor at Queen’s, Professor Jun Hong. I can see a career path emerging from this. Telematics, which I’m implementing here, is a new and emerging technology and I can see a role as a data analyst in the insurance industry in the future.

Autoline’s Managing Director, Michael Hall said “There are very few people in the telematics market who would know how to run a driver profiler because it’s so new and there will undoubtedly be a demand for people with that skillset, who can answer the question – how do we manage all this data and ultimately translate it into pricing decisions? It needs someone like Duy, with that specialist knowledge, in the middle of the process to make it actually happen.”

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