David Joaquim, NC Engineering

We interviewed a few of our latest recruits who can tell you something about their experiences so far.

David Joaquim has been a KTP Associate for the past few months and he is working with a Belfast based company called NC Engineering, County Armagh. He completed his MEng Mechanical Engineering at Queen’s University, Belfast. After graduating in 2016 he chose to do a KTP project because of the development opportunities availble to him.

The KTP route offered a secure job for three years, during which time I would be able to improve all my skills and make me a more valuable employee. The KTP project also gives me a good amount of responsibility as I am accountable for the project and its budget. The well organised KTP structure has given me a smooth transition from university to full time work.

David works for http://www.nc-engineering.com/ . The company produces equipment and machinery for the agriculture and construction industries. David’s project is on developing a hybrid engine for site dumpers, the current site dumpers are powered by diesel engines but there is a need to meet emission regulations in the near future. The aim is to use an electric battery together with a small diesel engine to form a hybrid. David is constructing research on the varying hybrid technologies and looking into potential suppliers. He is also using specialised engine sofware to analyse the performance of the current engines and will be able to use this data to determine the requirements of the hybrid.

One of the major benefits of a ktp is the development opportunities over the course of the project. The project gives the associate the chance to work on interesting work, where their knowledge will be tested and the challenges will allow their skills to improve. Being in control of the project gives the KTP associate alot of responsibility which might not be available in a typical graduate job. The ability to access resources and information from both the company and the university is very beneficial, it allows the associate to experience different working environments and develop their network. Being given a budget is another benefit as it provides valuable experience working with finances and provides challenges regarding decision making on allocation of the budget. One of the benefits of my KTP is that I get the chance to travel to various countries to attend conferences and exhibitions. Finally, an excellent starting salary is always a positive on top of the experience and development opportunites. – I would recommend a KTP to anybody interested!

During the first few months David has gained more confidence in his abilities and started to complete different tasks and objectives. He has been able to experience different working environments, meet new people and work on an interesting project. He has been able to adjust to working life and had the opportunity to travel.


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