Damien Dupre, Sensum

We interviewed a few of latest recruits who can tell you something about their experiences so far.

Damien Dupré has been a KTP Associate with a Belfast based company called Sensum for the last six months (www.sensum.co) .  He completed his PhD in Experimental Psychology at the University of Grenoble in Alpes, France and afterwards came to Queen’s University Belfast as a Visiting Researcher. It was his KTP Academic Supervisor who introduced and encouraged him to apply for the KTP project which is focused on analysis of emotional data streams.

It was exactly what I wanted to do – I submitted my application and here I am.  The team in Sensum develop software to analyse emotions and apply them in different contexts (consumer experience, viewer experience etc.). My role is to provide the psychological meaning for data collected from biometrics (heart rate, breathing rate, skin temperature) from facial expressions

There are benefits when doing a KTP project as it takes the assets from both sides – the efficiency and application to the field from the company and the theories and methods from the academic perspective. Another big benefit to me is the budget for conferences, materials and personal development. I am attending four different conferences this year and my goal is to be an international expert in emotion analytics.

During the last six months, Damien has been working in the company with their software development team and so far, everything has gone according to plan.  After a brief induction period Damien has been able to get started on his project and is focused on his role as KTP Associate.  He’s also been involved with other company projects and is very happy with the way things are progressing.

 I would recommend a KTP project without hesitation.  A friendly and efficient collaboration between the university and the company will bring benefits to everyone involved

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