Agnieszka Czerwiec, Cirdan Imaging Ltd

Speeding up Cancer Diagnosis

Agnieszka worked on a KTP with Cirdan Imaging and Queen’s University Belfast to develop advanced imaging systems that will differentiate between normal and abnormal cells.

Cirdan was set up in 2010, by Hugh Cormican, one of the founders of Andor Technology and his experience there highlighted that pathology is about imaging but historically they don’t take pictures. Clinicians look at the tissue and describe what they see, but I realised that if we developed the company to capture those images as a first stage then in the future we could provide more analysis to enhance and accelerate the speed of diagnosis.

Agnieszka joined the KTP after completing a PhD on Raman spectroscopy and imaging systems.  She also has a Masters degree in biology from Poland and so was a very good fit for the project.  Once the project started, Agnieszka realised that there was a lot of support available from her supervisor in Queen’s, Dr John Nelson.  He had a lot of ideas of how imaging could be used to help the diagnosis of normal tissue and understood how the latest techniques could be applied in Cirdan.  Agnieszka says

 The problem we’re trying to solve is very challenging and we have to look at it from different angles at the same time. I’ve been given a unique opportunity to work on something of enormous interest to me. Working with John and Hugh is an honour – John for his research and Hugh because he is such a successful businessman. I have deep respect for both of them.

Cirdan can now compare normal and abnormal tissue very effectively but now need to build on that to be able to take hard measurements. After that it is hoped that the technology can be developed into a medical device.

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